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Review: Anonymous Hate - Red Khmer

Hello, folks! After a LONG absence, here we are finally again with a new post and a new layout as a gift. Hope you all like it! What we have here to you today is the Red Khmer EP, by Anonymous Hate, hailing from the Brazilian state of Amapá. The band, established in 2007, has been struggling for their space and proving their value in the underground, and what they present us here is a great death metal with modern grindcore influences. We have blastbeats running wild, spicy guitars, high-pitched solos and a rhytm reminding something like Nasum and Misery Index. The play presents  (after an intro) 3 own songs, alternating between groovy parts and the aforementioned blastbeats (highlights for the song Created to Kill), besides covers from Ratos de Porão, Terrorizer and Obituary. A really inspired playlist.
I advise you to pay attention to this band, if they keep this rhythm and quality, it will not be long before they get a greater space in the scene.

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